Generate quality, fact-based content in seconds.

Articles, speeches, job descriptions, press releases, memos, and more. Our database of 100,000+ external sources makes sure your content has the facts.

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How Research Works

The best LLM research content generation tool on the market.

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    Set the topic

    You can get a research report on virtually any topic - as long as we can find relevant information for it.

    Example of setting the topic for Silatus generative AI
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    Get your content

    Silatus spends a few minutes conducting research, compiling its thoughts, and writing a detailed document based on the topic you described. You can use the document as-is or, with an account, use our powerful editing features.

    Generated Report

Securely upload your files

Get seamless, secure integrations with your cloud-hosted files. 

Unlike some platforms, Silatus gives you full control over which files it uses to generate content for you. And we never train on your data.

Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive

Integrate with our external database

Silatus brings together your internal data and our external databases to produce the best content possible for you.

Combine your files with our external sources

What people are saying

  • "I have not gotten Silatus to hallucinate quotes, which is a significant issue with ChatGPT and a moderate issue with Bard. 

    The citations given of content is helpful, and better than having to ask the source of the quotes as is current for ChatGPT or Bard."

    Associate Research Professor, PhD
  • "Silatus is the tool I recommend to founders that need to write job descriptions, documentation, and product requirements."

    Darrel Frater, Investor & Techstars Mentor
  • "Your product is the future. 

    Traditional research is like travel agencies and this could be Expedia. The sky is the limit!"

    VP of Strategy at Top Research Insights Firm

Conduct research securely, faster.

Silatus has saved time for thousands of people - from casual researchers to seasoned market analysts.

  • 100,000+
    people hours saved
  • 20,000,000+
    words generated
  • 50,000+
    users served

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