How Silatus’ New Features Create Higher Quality and More Precise Auto-Generated Documents

published on 10 May 2023

Here at Silatus, we've rolled out several new features that give you more control over the documents that you are generating. Whether you're writing product requirements documents, job descriptions, or your own custom document types, Silatus's newest features will not only save you time, but also enhance the quality of your documents.

Organizational Context

You can now add your account to an organization, including other contextual information such as your company description, mission statement or mottos. Silatus will automatically incorporate your company's style and values into the documents you generate.


Edit Snippets

After generating your document, you can have silatus regenerate any parts you like. After highlighting the portion you wish to change, select "change" from the pop-up and Silatus will rewrite that section of text for you. You can also decide to shorten or lengthen the snippet automatically to match the desired length of your document. Of course, you can also manually edit any portions you'd like as well and Silatus will auto-save as you work.


Login with Microsoft and Google

You can now create your account and log in with your preexisting Microsoft or Google account. Silatus is making it easier than ever for you to use our tool and start saving you time.

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