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  • Pro

    For users and teams seeking big savings.
    • Unlimited research
    • Chat w/ GPT-4 + Claude 3 Opus
    • Up to 3 automated newsletters
    • File uploads (5GB)
    • Auto-save documents and research
    • Powerful AI editing and processing
    • Email support
  • Pro+

    For high productivity pro users and teams.
    • All Pro features
    • Up to 10 results per research
    • Up to 10 automated newsletters
    • Expanded research database
      Searches will return more results and will be more successful on niche topics
    • File uploads (20GB)
    • Priority email support
      Your support cases take priority over all others
  • Enterprise

    For businesses with the highest demands.
    • All Pro+ features
    • Up to 1,000 results per research
    • Unlimited automated newsletters
    • Enterprise-grade encryption
    • SSO integrations
    • Secure, on-prem hosting
      Your data remains yours. Silatus never sees any of your data and neither do any third party providers.
    • Dedicated account manager
    • File uploads (100GB+)